Inclusive Leadership


Sterling interpersonal and intercultural awareness distinguishes an inclusive global leader. A company that has diverse talent throughout the organisation and at the top can consider its leadership successful in a multicultural - multidimensional society delivering above par products and services to the world. Geraldine Moodley




A company committed to optimal team dynamics and integrating diversity and inclusion understands the importance of a diverse skill set to exemplify outstanding, engaging and excellent leadership. Those working on this on a daily basis are aware that leadership has a large impact on driving D/I initiatives, effective operations and positive staff morale.


This Leadership Training Course is a one or two-day course held in a retreat setting for group interaction and reflection. It incorporates active learning, internalization and discussion. The subjects carefully crafted are associated with current workplace developments and needs and encourages leaders to become aware of additional skills and attitudes attached to inclusive leadership and the benefits of that. We delve into specific aspects of leadership in a global, diverse and multicultural environment as well as the barriers to diversity - why has it not fully happened? The course is an example of gender equality focussed on both issues for males and females emerging as a new brand of inclusive leaders. It is not enough to bring women to the top but to keep them there, and for that, we need to be realistically equipped with skills and knowledge paid forward that safeguard that. For men, there are various aspects that can be learned from this which sets apart the inclusive leader seen through the lens of equality. I bring personal, operations management and international experience to the course as well as incorporate mindfulness & physical awareness often overlooked. I can share the modules upon request.


The course is aimed at existing leaders who want to add skills that foster diversity and inclusion and promote a multi-faceted and multicultural workforce integrated into the company culture. For female leaders, while achieving a place in leadership is a goal, we want to learn to operate from different paradigms and not to emulate the traditional form of leadership but cultivate a unique authentic brand that moves organisations to another level. Through our presence, we can not forget to keep the ball rolling and paying it forward to ensure success in terms of promoting the talent of various cultures and diverse backgrounds & experience.  For emerging leaders; be it in a company talent development programme or self-development, you will need to be aware of a great many factors to ensure your success is not lost in the barriers to diversity at the top and not limited to you but to your colleagues that deserve that chance to grow.