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I love the human dynamic. I have a unique way of understanding personalities, relating to others and getting to the core of the issues. Skills as a  strategic analyst, mediator/negotiator allows me to fully absorb a context, provide advisory and plan forward. As a trainer and adviser, I bring clarity, structure, enthusiasm, and humour to complex subjects. I believe inclusive leadership is core to inspiring, guiding and developing talent & potential. In my experience, when we offer inclusion, empower and protect employees we better not just the organisations we work in but it filters into our personal lives.

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GERALDINE MOODLEY                       


Operations Manager | Lawyer | Mediator


Gerri is my nickname, most people call me G. I am a Dutch, Australian, South African and of mixed ethnic origin, which makes intercultural relations a field I know very well. I am a human rights lawyer and mediator with 25 years combined experience in customer relations, (human security) training, project management, campaign & brand development, corporate social responsibility and directing specific project (operations) international organisations. I have worked as CSR adviser, mediator and negotiator as well as an adviser to governments, management and Boards. Through senior positions, in high-performing multicultural, agile and sometimes remote teams, I see diversity and inclusion holistically, in relation to interpersonal communication, organisational development, strategy, optimal team dynamics and achieving business goals. Taking leadership in roles, working with and studying a vast array of international leaders, I have drilled down the integral elements of the inclusive leader which is much needed in our current climate as part of a global mindset. Advisory and course training tie in both professional & personal perspectives. I am an avid writer and hope to produce a series capturing the experiences of others, inclusive leaders, clients and my own to pay it forward. I work with a number of business partners in training, advisory and consulting assignments. Training en advies wordt in het Nederlands zowel als in het Engels uitgevoerd


I speak on subjects raised in the dialogue on diversity, inclusion and leadership. I also speak on my personal journey and experiences. I work on creative ways to communicate equality. For speaking engagements or collaboration    gerri@firestarterproductions.nl 

Definition catalyst. ... a person or thing that precipitates an event or change:  A person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.

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