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In a rapidly changing society, we encounter complex situations and debate surrounding social cohesion, diversity, inclusion, equality, discrimination and intercultural relations which are also faced on the work-floor. We are dedicated to finding solutions to these issues so that we all feel safe in workspaces and have equal access to opportunities and growth. We know from statistics that diverse teams outperform competitors and multicultural teams embrace a global mindset whereby innovation, productivity and harmony is increased. Efforts on this front are ongoing in most organisations, albeit in small parts but often in a burdened HR setting or unstructured form which is not embedded in company processes. An additional work dimension is sometimes difficult to kick start but easy to maintain when integrated. D/I efforts need holistic thought and planning otherwise risks surface treatment, tick-boxing or isolation. Dialogue, training, analysis & advisory ensures interactive engagement and ownership of the process. A cohesive, joint team and organisational approach are essential. In order for credible, efficient implementation, the arc that covers business operations; leadership/management, policies and processes should ideally be reviewed in context.


The ultimate aim is how to best incorporate D/I as part of an inclusive mindset. At Catalyst Consulting, advisory service primarily focuses on organisational development in the context of diversity and inclusion and takes other strategic developments into consideration in a diversity scan. This service is not a 'one fit' but tailored for companies, organisations and institutions that wish to develop and move forward with a changing world. As part of the business analysis, we assess the extent to which diversity and inclusion are incorporated at all levels of operations. Post advisory we formulate a structured plan to ensure that it is integrated into policies and processes. We ensure staff involvement, assess management level and organisational goals, address organisational culture,  policies & processes to best incorporate and synthesize diversity and inclusion.