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I am a catalyst between organisation and people, vision and change, idea and form, learning and outcome. I believe in equality for all in all ways possible and I dedicate my work primarily to that goal and countless ways to achieve it with integrity

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Catalyst consulting 

diversity inclusion leadership | advisory & training 

Catalyst Consulting focuses on bringing diversity inclusion and leadership to life on the work floor. The range of services and courses along with the necessary experience and expertise is key to drive dialogue for awareness and planning for diversity and inclusion in companies, institutions, organisations and Government departments. We partner with clients providing an analysis resulting in tailored approaches. Implementation of initiatives remains the greatest challenge and this is where we (partners) focus in making tangible changes alongside creating tools and mechanisms to ensure long-term goals are achieved as well reporting on the successful development of diverse and inclusive teams and leaders. 


Gerri has worked in national, international and multicultural teams in various industries and knows the ins and outs of this very extensive subject. She works where needed, with experienced consultants and trainers. Diversity cannot remain static as a subject nor in the mere awareness & acceptance of differences but understanding how we relate to others and the organisational goals. Inclusion does not rest only on the pillar of belonging but extends to work practices and talent development. The depth allows it to be anchored as a mindset and incorporated into tangible activities in the business. Naturally, inclusive leadership is key and the inside job that results in optimal team dynamics. 


Additional consultancy services include among others, mediation, negotiation, a broad range of (tailored) learning, situational analyses, investigations and matters pertaining to regulations, audit, governance, ethics and integrity. With advisory, training and reporting we work in both English and Dutch.

The golden thread in my career has been human development and human security in all forms. I focus on equality and the duty of care to all, Best, G

Definition catalyst. ... a person or thing that precipitates an event or change:  A person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.